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Web Data & Privacy Policy

It is the policy of C-Quip Ltd trading as Marine Lighting Store that the information it manages will be appropriately secured to protect against the consequences of breaches of confidentiality, failures of integrity, or interruptions to the availability of that information.

C-Quip Ltd trading as Marine Lighting Store will aim to achieve a culture in which legal requirements and information security risks are considered whenever information is handled, through the provision of training, awareness campaigns and specialist guidance and advice.

C-Quip Ltd trading as Marine Lighting Store will ensure that all data held is relevant and current and will not hold it any longer than is relevant or required by law, thus reducing the risk of a breach of security.

C-Quip Ltd trading as Marine Lighting Store will only distribute information to those parties within the business who require it in order to provide the service required by the customer, or to meet the needs of the employee on a personal level. When distributing data, Aqualine Marketing/ Onward Marine will do so in a way that ensures it remains secure.

Any enquires for information relating to data held by C-Quip Ltd trading as Marine Lighting Store above and beyond day to day enquiries, will be processed using the information request procedure and will be recorded on the register. This will be carried out by an approved member of staff, which for this instance is the DPO or their nominated representative.

The scope of the information we hold for both personal and commercial purposes will always be relevant to the business or employees needs.

The customer or employee is responsible for advising C-Quip Ltd trading as Marine Lighting Store of any changes that may be relevant to ensure that information is continued to be stored in an accurate and relevant manner.

C-Quip Ltd trading as Marine Lighting Store’s responsibility is to ensure that any updates to information are done so in a timely manner, maintaining security throughout. Any obsolete information that is not required to be kept for legal reasons must be removed or destroyed in a manner which maintains the integrity of the information provided.

All information stored by C-Quip Ltd trading as Marine Lighting Store will be stored in a location relevant to the level of confidentiality required. This will be overseen by the DPO and their nominated representative. Minimal copies of this information will be made, thus reducing the risk of the information being passed onto an inappropriate or unintended source.

Any Breech of information security must be reported immediately to the DPO, who will then decide on the best course of action which will be measured due the level of risk and nature of the incident. This will carried out in line with our current documented procedures for such an event.