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Index Marine Cable Glands

This range are all rated as IP68, ensuring the level of cable protection is incredibly resilient to the outdoors and other harsh environments…


Index Marine has a range of metric threaded cable glands offering excellent strain relief and cable protection. Cable glands allow you to mount a cable into a pre-drilled hole ensuring a tight seal.

07-A6-312 – CG1 M12 Cable Gland:
Max Cable Size – 7mm
Min Cable Size – 3mm

07-A6-320 – CG2 M20 Cable Gland:
Max Cable Size – 13mm
Min Cable Size – 6mm

07-A6-325 – CG4 M25 Cable Gland:
Max Cable Size – 17mm
Min Cable Size – 9mm

07-A6-332 – CG5 M32 Cable Gland:
Max Cable Size – 21mm
Min Cable Size – 13mm

07-A6-226 – CG6 M40 Cable Gland:
Max Cable Size – 32mm
Min Cable Size – 22mm

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